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Thu. Jan 17th 2013
Polk Township Firefighters among 9 named Marshall County Firefighters of the Year

Assistant Chief Joe Clady and Firefighter Ray Platz were 2 of 9 firefighters named Marshall County Firefighters of the year. ...

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New Truck 852

Polk Township has received a new tanker to replace the 23 year old 852.  New 852 is a 2014 Alexis Fire International Pumper/Tanker.  New 852 has a 1250 GPM (gallon per minute) pump, a telescopic deck gun, Voyager back up camera, Whelen Justice light bar, and a Federal Signal Q siren.  Polk Township is excited to have this truck as it is another improvement to our tools/equipment that we have to serve our community.



Holiday Safety Tips and some great Gift Ideas

Cards to write, shopping, presents to wrap, trimming the tree, holiday baking....hustle, bustle,... go go go; it's sure a busy time of year. With everything you've got to do before the 25th, I doubt that Holiday Safety is really on your mind. It should be. This is a joyous, happy time of year, it shouldn't be remembered as a time of a terrible tragedy. Each year fires associated with the holiday season injure 1,200 individuals and cause over $25 million in damage (According to the United States Fire Administration - USFA). Simple precautions and common sense can go a long way to ensuring your family's safety this Holiday Season. Don't become a statistic!
Picking the Tree
The needles on your tree should be green and hard to pull off. They shouldn't break easily if the tree is freshly cut. The trunk should be sticky and sappy to the touch. How can you tell if you're getting an old dried-out tree? Easy. Bounce the tree trunk on the ground. If too many needles fall off, it's probably to dried out and is a serious fire hazard.

Don't place your tree next to a heat source, like a fireplace, woodstove or heat duct. Heat will dry out the tree, causing it to be more easily ignited by heat, flame or sparks. Don't put your tree up too early or keep it up too long. Always keep your tree watered.

Make sure the tree is secured in it's stand. We all know how the little ones love to touch the ornaments and get real close. A falling tree can cause serious injury to a small child. Again, just common sense.

Checking the Lights
Use only consumer inspected lights. Check for frayed or broken wires, broken or cracked sockets, gaps in insulation or excessive wear or kinking. WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW THEM OUT!

Don't overload electrical outlets! Do not link more than 3 light strands, unless the directions indicate it's safe. Periodically check the condition of the wires. They should not be warm to the touch.

Candle Care
Make sure they are in stable holders and place them so they cannot be easily knocked down. Never leave the house with candles burning. Never put lit candles on a tree. Don't go near a tree with an open flame - candles, lighters, matches or smoking materials. A dried tree can ignite like a roman candle in mere seconds.
Disposing or wrappings and the tree
Never dispose of wrapping paper or a tree in the fireplace or woodstove. It could produce dangerous sparks or produce a chemical buildup in the home that could cause an explosion.

Never put the branches or needles in the fireplace or woodstove. When the tree becomes dry, discard it promptly. The best way to dispose of your tree is by taking it to a recycling center or having it hauled away by a community pick-up service.

Need some last minute Gift Ideas?

You may be wondering about what to get for that special someone on your list. We would like to suggest a gift of love and life. A gift that will show that you really care!

 Smoke Detector 
Having a least one working in the home cuts the risk of dying in a fire by 50%. Smoke detectors are effective and inexpensive life saving devices that can provide early warning in the event of a fire, allowing time for escape. They range in price from $5 to $30 depending on the power and type. Remember to include the batteries as part of the gift. Even offer to help install it!
 Fire Extinguishers 
Even though most homes have at least one smoke detector, very few have even one fire extinguisher. Be sure to buy a large enough one to protect a home against fires of all common burning materials. We recommend a multipurpose A - B - C for most kinds of household fires. They come in 2, 5, 10 and 20 pound models. Make sure that they become familiar with operation of the extinguisher. Spend the extra money and buy a rechargeable model. Prices range from $20 to $50 depending on size.
 Carbon Monoxide Detectors 
A great gift idea for this time of year as well. A CO detector is a must in homes that have a fuel-fired hot-air furnace, water heater, space heater, wood stove, or fireplace. Prices range from about $30 to 60 depending on the type and features. Make sure the CO detector is UL listed
Second Story Ladder
A fantastic gift for home evacuation. They range on price from $35 to $65. Once it's installed, make sure they have a home evacuation plan as well!
CPR Class Registration
This truly is the gift of life. CPR skills are must in every household. Many communities schedule classes throughout the year for a small fee.
 Common Sense for a Safe Holiday 
Give a gift that shows you REALLY care. 
-Article by John Einhorn 809 
**The Marshall County EMA now has a weather station on top of the County Building in Plymouth. The weather station information can be viewed by clicking on this text.**

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